customers are always targeted form a lot of ads, websites and campaigns but those can lead the customers to an action is a few.
if you can track what is happening in their brain and show them exactly what they want and seek it will establish a firm connection between you and your customer which leads to an action.
by Accur8 business package you can design and improve your marketing content precisely based on the reaction they cause in your customers brain. you can measure the impression of your video ad or the memorability of your brand in customer's brain.
the process of design and measuring the brain response to your marketing content should be continued till you get the most efficient content,

studies show this will increase the conversion rate up to 6 times more.

Impress and make customers remember you.

Marketing Evaluation software is an optimized package for measuring important factors in marketing context. you will set the conditions so your potential costumers will face your marketing element, no matter what the form is. her/his brain will react, so you are able to measure those reactions in terms of how impressed your customer is, and how easily she/he will remember your business over periods of time, and you can redesign and improve your marketing to improve the results you get in every measuring session and meet your desired impression and memorability.
this approach can be repeated over a vast types of people to get the most accurate results which is true for the majority of the people and meet the highest impression and memorability rates in your customers.

Why customers are or aren't buying?

track the customers at the vital moment of buy decision making. find the roots of their behavior and discover the interaction between your product or services and your customer during buy decision making. emotional response indicates is it "positive" or "negative" feeling created in customer when he/she thinks about buying. decision making load shows, does more data and effort is needed to convince customer to buy it or it's enough. loyalty based behavior factor declares that, how much the credits of your brand affect the decision making.

Send your content to be analyzed.

Perfect for small businesses, early stage startups, individual pitch and presentation evaluation

Take your marketing to the next level.

Perfect for major businesses, Advertising agency and startup events organizations.


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