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all we perceive visually, auditory or haptic is felt trough our brain. however it's liked or disliked, the feeling is generated in the brain. the true feedback is accessible in the brain electrical activity which is called EEG.when you, as an artist, consider your Audience's brain response at different stages of your work, from concept to the implementation , you will design based on what human enjoys and connects.

Art + Technology

we believe that, enabling creative artists feel what the people perceive about their works will push our lives steps forward. so we provide a software package for you, as a passionate artist, to use the EEG technology with no background or specific knowledge in this field.


there are thousands of factors which show "you are really into something". here you are able to check if your work grabs the audition's attention, and creates any sorts of "Positive Inner Interaction".

Emotional Response.

check how your audience feels about your work. the emotional state is indicated trough a detailed graph as you see. emotions can be measured in realtime or in scheduled segments. although the emotions are very specific by any individual but we all as human have somethings in common.

for Passionate artists

find out how your artworks, interact emotionally with people

for artists

art students

and freelancers.

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you will be able to send your artworks and get the results in two detailed data sets.
it is the exact same technology and features but in the most affordable price for small businesses and individual.

for Major players

Manage and guide the creative industries based on people.

for art publishing companies

art studios

and art competitions.

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Keep the quality of your products beyond the usual. publish what people want and relate and what they feel great about. in any form of art from music to visual arts to fashion and architecture.


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